SP Technology

The Journey to Automating Production

Having been dedicated to the automation and robotics industry for over 30 years with SP Technology, Roy Henderson has been involved in helping hundreds of companies embrace automation, tailored exactly to their individual process. He has witnessed first-hand many advances in areas such as robotics/cobots, connectivity, IOT and the popular phrase ‘Industry 4.0’. But how do these fit into the real world? Using some customer case studies, Roy will talk through the journey of automating production with tips on how to engage in the automation process.  He will briefly go over some aspects to consider on the financial side of capital equipment including ROI and how to ensure productivity and efficiency gains.

Louise Grant from EQ Accountants will then provide some information available on financing automation through relevant tax breaks such as the new enhanced Annual Investment in Allowance and R&D tax credits. There will be some case studies provided over a number of industries with examples of final figures and savings.

Institute for Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring: see the potential of low-cost digital solutions to your business.

The project “Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring” aims to help SMEs with their transition towards digital manufacturing on a low-cost budget. The emphasis is on tackling digital challenges one at a time using off the shelf, low-cost components. During this workshop, you will use a framework developed at the Institute for Manufacturing to help prioritise digital initiatives in-line with business objectives. The results of the workshop will also inform the development of future low-cost digital manufacturing solutions.

New Intelligence

Digital Factory Simulation

This workshop will focus on Digital Twinning as a Lean-Sigma business process and tool for business improvement. Business Digital Twinning is truly effective when digital and physical elements are built and connected one business block at a time. The New Intelligence team will demonstrate and demystify this process in an interactive way, presenting various award-winning digital twin models and concentrating on digital twinning as a methodology for identifying the constraints that all small, medium and even large manufacturing businesses face on a daily basis as they strive to achieve strategic business goals.

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

Mainstreaming Innovation – Promoting Digital Manufacturing in Construction

Sitting at the intersection of industry, academia and the public sector to bring transformational change to the Scottish construction sector, CSIC will introduce you to the unique support available to encourage the adoption of automation, robotics and other digital technologies within the construction industry, including access to CSIC’s Innovation Factory, the UK construction sector’s first dedicated digital manufacturing, prototyping and skills ‘Centre of Excellence’. The Robertson Group will outline how they are engaging with Construction Scotland Innovation Centre both in their own right and as part of Offsite Solutions (Scotland). CSIC will share other case studies from businesses across Scotland who are achieving productivity gains and increasing margins through becoming more automated and digitised.

Royal Bank of Scotland & Lombard

Future Fit for Success – funding business growth

A workshop focused on how to get your business transaction ready. Whether it’s bank debt, equity, a sale or a purchase then there are certain fundamentals that will help deliver the best outcome and reduce the operational stress of delivering whilst balancing the day to day management of a business. 

Booth Welsh

Unlocking Digital Advantage

Unlocking your Digital Advantage takes more than just the right technology. It also requires a strong focus on engagement, collaboration and workplace culture. This presentation looks at practical examples of innovation and digitalisation in action which you can use to improve the performance of your plant and people..