Gold Sponsor

Bank of Scotland Commercial Banking provides guidance and support to manufacturing businesses, and with locally based relationship managers, this means we are well placed to understand the unique opportunities and challenges that manufacturers across Scotland are facing.

We have a dedicated local team of industry specialists focusing on sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, food and drink and house building. We provide customers with the support they need to help them grow, manage risk and enhance efficiency.

We recognise the importance of working closely with our customers so we can fully understand their needs. By bringing insight and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals, we can deliver on our plan to Help Scotland Prosper globally.

We are proud to support SMAS 2016.

For more information on Bank of Scotland, or to find useful tools and resources to support your business, visit

Silver Sponsors

The Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) is a globally recognised centre of excellence in metal forming research, manufacturing technologies and innovation. It is the heart of Scotland’s manufacturing research and development sector and is the country’s only High Value Manufacturing Catapult centre; one of just seven in the UK.

The AFRC addresses the important challenge of taking low maturity technologies developed within research environments and deploying them within industrial manufacturing facilities.

It fills the gap between traditional university research and the industrial need to demonstrate new technology on real products, in real factories.  This is often expressed in terms of manufacturing readiness levels which were derived from the NASA TRL scale and are used to articulate the journey to industrial application of new technologies.

AFRC facts

  • Formed in 2009
  • Whole centre is 5,600m in size
  • Workshops total 2,376m
  • 8 laboratories
  • Robotics cell commissioned in 2015
  • Employing over 130 talented individuals: researchers, chartered and non-chartered engineers, technicians, EngD and PHD students all supported by commercially astute business development and programme management teams

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is the catalyst for growth and success of UK advanced manufacturing. It helps industry accelerate the journey from technology concept and commercially manufactured reality. Its  seven centres work with companies of all sizes and sectors, offering open access to industrial scale cutting edge equipment, expertise and collaborative opportunities. To find out more, visit

Over 400 key decision makers from manufacturing will be in attendance providing a perfect platform to promote your business.  A wide range of sponsorship opportunities are available and full details can be found here