Supply Chain Capability 2: Wake up and smell the coffee! with Matthew Algie & Co

Wake up and smell the coffee: value co-creation in extended small-holder farmer supply chains

Workshop Theme: Supply Chain Capability

Workshop Coordinator: Matthew Algie & Co

Speakers: Ewan Reid

Time: 13:30pm – 14.30pm

The vertically integrated company of the past has been replaced by complex supply chains connecting small and large companies across the globe.  As a result supply chain management has become a key competitive differentiator.

Matthew Algie operates a complex extended supply chain in Africa, Asia and Latin America encompassing small-holder coffee farmers in challenging and remote rural communities.

This session will explore the development of long-term relationships which deliver value through a mutual understanding of both challenges and opportunities throughout the supply chain. It will also demonstrate how this has been key to delivering a sustainable proposition for its growers and for Matthew Algie as a business.

It will set out potential approaches to sustainability in extended supply chains which fulfil the demands of leading UK retailers and consumers alike

You’ll leave the workshop with

  • Approaches to tackling cross-cultural complexity in supply chains
  • Integration of the big sustainability challenges into business practice: e.g. climate change and North/South economic polarity
  • Value add: how efficiency levers in small-holder farming can become relevant unique selling points to consumer markers in the North