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TENTE International GmbH: Success through Continuous Improvement

Cedrik PlattCedrik Platt works in the industrial engineering planning department for TENTE ROLLEN with a prominent role in the company’s production and productivity system. Here he gives an insight into the reasons for their continued success. 

For over 90 years, TENTE Castors have been manufacturing and selling an invention that moves mankind, the wheel. With market segments in continuous development, production processes have since been adjusted, improved and automated. A variety of castors are manufactured globally using the latest machinery and equipment, partly in fully automated production, and sold to many companies worldwide. Changing markets and increasing competition force us to take action towards continuous and targeted improvement to minimize losses and wastage, in order to further expand our market leadership.

In 2013, TENTE began implementing a production system with the aim of providing employees and managers throughout the group with all methods relating to process optimisation and customer orientation.  This was based on the Kaizen philosophy, which was developed and first implemented in Japan, the method is a process in itself and requires rethinking and targeted action.

The production factors can be divided into three groups that all contribute to the implementation of the production system. Although the focus is on the operative factors of management, planning and monitoring, it is key to also focus on human resources. The need to create a production system, which would utilise this potential in a structured way, is highlighted by our own TENTE production system.

If you’d like to find out more about the TENTE production system, Cedrik will be giving a talk at the SMAS 2016 Manufacturing Conference this September.