Minimising Financial Risk in an Uncertain World

Gordon Rate leads the Bank of Scotland’s Financial Markets business in Scotland and the North of England. His team works with businesses to identify and manage financial risks, including interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity risks. Rarely has there been a time when economic predictions have been harder to make. The fall in the value […]

Sustainability and Business Growth: Why Remanufacturing is Crucial

Business strategies often focus solely on internal efficiencies in the Infrastructure and Operations that save money – reducing energy usage, using renewable energy sources, reducing waste and water efficiency.

However, the real opportunity to add value to the business comes from looking at products and services. At Cummins Diesel Recon, we place remanufacturing at the heart of our sustainability plans.

In Uncertain Times, Keep Calm and Innovate

Dick Elsy, Chief Executive of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, blogs about why Scottish manufacturers need to keep innovating – even in these uncertain times.   The UK is reflecting on its place in the global market. As the full political and economic implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not be known […]

TENTE International GmbH: Success through Continuous Improvement

Cedrik Platt works in the industrial engineering planning department for TENTE ROLLEN with a prominent role in the company’s production and productivity system. Here he gives an insight into the reasons for their continued success.  For over 90 years, TENTE Castors have been manufacturing and selling an invention that moves mankind, the wheel. With market segments in continuous […]

Get into Rail: A User’s Guide to Trading in the UK Rail Sector

Robert Hopkin, Executive Director at the Rail Alliance provides a guide to the opportunities of, and requirements for, trading in the UK Rail Sector. Robert will also be presenting a “Get into Rail” workshop at the upcoming SMAS 2016 Conference. If you follow the onward march of the high speed railway campaign throughout the United […]

UK Manufacturing – When will the good times return?

Rhys Herbert, Senior Macroeconomist at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking asks when will the good times return for UK manufacturing? UK manufacturing has had has had a torrid time of it of late and its performance since the financial crisis has generally been tepid at best. Output declined last year and has fallen in three of […]

Banking on Industry 4.0 – Andrew Stark, Bank of Scotland

Andrew Stark leads the SME manufacturing team at Bank of Scotland. As an Area Director, Andrew works closely with the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service and Scottish Engineering. In this blog post he talks about the following: ‘With Industry 4.0 gathering force, events like the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service Conference create the opportunity for entrepreneurs to plan for success.’

Nick Shields, Director, Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service

Nick Shields Blogs on the need for increased investment innovation and visionary leadership to drive scotlands productivity.
Scotland’s wide-ranging manufacturing industry plays a central role in sustaining and growing our economy. It’s a broad church accommodating industries from chemicals to food & drink, textiles and shipbuilding.
Forty years ago the sector represented around 40% of the economy and accounted for around 30% of all employment.

Does your Management Matter? Prof Harry Sminia, Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management

Anyone remember NBL? The North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow. Once this was the largest steam locomotive manufacturer in the world. They went into voluntary liquidation in 1962, as they failed to receive any new orders. With hindsight, it appears pretty obvious that this had to happen. A firm with an outdated product and an outdated technology has to fail, hasn’t it? Why did they not move with the times?