The Advanced Forming Research Centre is a globally-recognised centre of excellence in innovative manufacturing technologies, R&D, and metal forming and forging research.

We work with all types of organisations: from global original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) all the way through to local manufacturing companies.

We’re at the heart of Scotland’s manufacturing research and development sector and are the country’s only High Value Manufacturing Catapult centre; one of only seven in the UK.

Manufacturing innovation: demonstrated, validated, delivered.

As a technology partner delivering market-leading 2D and 3D solutions with workflow management tools, Canon can help you improve your customer experience through accurate drawings and 3D prototypes, create functional end-use parts and control your business through intelligent software.

We can also demonstrate how you can reduce your design-to-manufacturing cycle allowing quicker innovation and accelerated time to market.

CENSIS is the industry-led centre of excellence for sensor and imaging systems and a key part of the developing innovation landscape in Scotland.

It is one of eight Innovation Centres funded by the Scottish Funding Council and its overarching goal is to create sustainable economic value in the Scottish economy in the important and diverse domains of sensor systems, the Internet of Things and their applications.

CENSIS deploys a toolkit comprising strategic outreach and relationship building; collaborative R&D projects; and shaping R&D activity in response to industry challenges.

Cofficient Ltd is a company specialising in cloud-based business software.  Our name is an amalgamation of ‘company’ and ‘efficient.  We aim to help businesses leverage the power of cloud-based ERP software to make their company more efficient, to streamline their processes and improve their profits.

Whether to implement new software, or not, is a difficult decision; and not one you’ll take lightly.  It’s a project which is potentially fraught with difficulties.  Sometimes doing nothing feels like the safer option.

At Cofficient, we appreciate this and want you to rest assured that your implementation is in safe hands.  Our consultants are some of the UK’s most experienced and respected software experts.  We have been implementing NetSuite and SAP Business ByDesign for longer than most other solution providers.

The Data Lab is an innovation centre focused on helping Scottish industry to capitalise on a growing market opportunity in data science.

The Data Lab facilitates and enables industry, public sector and academia to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment. It provides resources and funding to kick-start projects, delivers skills through education programmes, and helps to develop the local ecosystem by building a cohesive data science community.

Its core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data for Scotland.

Industry 4.0 – the new trend  in manufacturing – is the vision of intelligent worldwide networking and communication in the manufacturing industry.

With our LINERECORDER portfolio, ifm offers you the ideal solution: transparent manufacturing processes plus optimised production and quality.

ifm: Softare, Hardware, Consulting and Implementation – all from a single source.

ichart.io brings together expertise in Systems Architecture, Electronic Design, Web Development and Process Improvement.

We help companies digitise their manual processes through use of well-designed industrial applications.  Automation and integration lets our customers remove waste from their critical operations resulting in increased capacity, efficiency and profit.

Our emphasis on reliable real-time data arms our clients with the analysis they need to make the best possible business decisions.  However, our key strength is our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and work with them to enable business growth.

Let’s see what we can achieve together.

Incremental Group is a digital technology company that works with manufacturers to deliver the digital enterprise, step by step.  It provides Consultancy, Enterprise, Application, Cloud and Intelligence services – delivered by a growing team of 50 digital specialists based near Aberdeen and in Glasgow.

Incremental Group is one of only a few UK Microsoft Gold Certified ERP partners offering expertise in Dynamics AX. Customers include Harbro, United Fish Industries and Gray & Adams.

As the UK’s National Measurement Institute, NPL is able to support manufacturers across the Industry 4.0 landscape from developing sensor systems, bringing data into their businesses, supporting automation and data analysis as well as working with multiple actors in support of a digitally enabled supply chain.

NPL’s commercial services are built on 100 years of leadership in accuracy, innovation and scientific research.  Experienced consultants and project managers draw upon a unique combination of industry know-how and world-leading scientific discovery to deliver real-word business solutions and enable innovation and secure competitive advantage.

Replicade is an Asset Management company specialising in technology solutions for Asset Management improving asset security, asset access and reducing costs. Since 2001, Replicade has been at the forefront of technological innovation in Asset Management including a patented CAD/CAM workflow and custom foam and plastics products that minimise Foreign Object Debris.

As an early adopter of Internet of Things technologies, Replicade has developed RAMLoop, a suite of Industry 4.0 products, to deliver an integrated, transparent and modular Asset Management experience.

SP Technology has been designing, building and installing production and process automation systems for over 30 years, meeting the demands of modern production, manufacturing, engineering and process environments.

We have provided systems for a wide range of industries including food & drink; plastics; munitions; medical device; pharmaceutical; automotive; electronics and packaging.

The size of our projects range from stand-alone fixtures to £multi-million, fully automated production systems. These have included high-speed assembly; semi-automated processes; vision inspecting; testing; robotic palletising; materials handling; welding; packaging; labelling and printing systems.

STEP provides support and offers solutions for businesses to get started, grow and be a success. We are a non-profit distributing private limited company, with all profits reinvested into business support activities.

We have a unique approach as we have access to a wide range of quality advice, and expertise delivered by passionate professionals who are determined to help businesses thrive.

Our products and services have been developed to meet your business requirements no matter the industry. Ultimately, we want to help you grow your business!

Visual Performance Management produces software for manufacturers to capture and display clear, understandable, real-time information on the health of the production process. Failure levels, throughput and downtime can be instantly shown to aid cost saving and allow problems to be fixed before they escalate.

Our VPM-Visualiser software is simple to implement and allows for manual or automatic capture of data. With customisable features for input and display the system can talk your company’s language and have the impact you need to get the best out of your processes, making it a perfect fit with Lean and Industry 4.0 initiatives.